Friday, August 16, 2013

Swooning on Saturday

I'm a very honest person, so I when I tell you this, know its the TRUTH.
I spend and unacceptable amount of time on Pinterest. I am going to blame some of it on the career path I choose. Pinterest is so inspiring and collects all beautiful things in one place. It's hard NOT to be addicted.

Because I pin so much, I will feature my favorite pins of that week. So, Here. We. Go.


This living room is gorgeous. Moment of silence for THOSE FLOORS.......
My husband and I (we will call him Hubs for short) recently bought a home and every room seems to be a work in progress to me. That could be because I have an obsession with changing things around from time to time, but regardless I always see potential to do something else (which is why I fell in love with our home in the first place). I pinned this Image for the colorful accents and example of mixing natural elements with neutrals and a pop of color.


My hair is currently in at an awkward length. Its not short anymore, but its not long enough to look this good yet either. Hmmm... Chop off again or power through?? 

My favorite phrase these days. Lara Casey has a gift. Check out her free downloads for daily inspiration. If you are in love with this art print as much as I am then you can get that here.

These are so darling. My neice, baby Maci, will be here within the next week or so and Hubs and I couldn't be more excited! My favorite thing to buy her so far is shoes! And of course " my aunt is my BFF" shirts... Can't have enough of those. That girl... She's already stolen my heart! 

Diecuts done right. 

This will be our first fall/holiday in our house and to say I'm excited about decorating is an understatement! One of my dear friends said white pumpkins would be darling in my neutral living room... And by this photo, I think she was on to something. 

Hope everyone has a great and productive Saturday! Hubs and I have a dinner date with our lovely neighbors, really looking forward to that! Also, I will be introducing my Etsy shop MONDAY on here and giving an inside view if how it all came about and an exclusive offer! 


Before you leave, check out the About page! It's been updated. Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Beginning


I've been thinking about what to say in this fist blog post all week… ALL WEEK! In hopes to save my brain from exploding over the most important topic decision ever… (not really)… I am going to just go with it and talk about what ever makes my heart happy in this moment. 

I saw this quote the other day on the Katie O'Keefe Blog (which is one of my favorites by the way..) and it made my mind stop running its daily marathon and really think. I have so many goals, loads of passion and ambition. Three things that didn't exist, to the extent that they do now, until about 6 month ago. I've always been goal oriented, but I lacked a lot of drive. The kind of drive that makes you put your self out there to either fly or fall. But now I've got it, I've found it, and I'm doing it. Exciting right? I think so!

All that to say, I get consumed with my dreams and passions. (I mean, why do something if you can't put your all into it… right?) Although I believe that to be an integral part to making things happen for yourself, Its not everything. I read a post last night on Instagram in themed with #intentionalaugust (compliments of Lara Casey), and this person said some profound things about being present in the moment. It really hit home, in relation with how preoccupied we can be with thoughts, social media, you name it. I believe that I really try to be in the moment and soak them up as much as possible, but I am so imperfect. I want to try harder, be present, and engage more.
Live with Intention :)
(you might read that quite a bit over here :) )

When it matters most, hustle a little less, and love a whole lot more.


And I know this is contradicting to that last phrase, but isn't this T-shirt the bestest???? Ashley Brooke Designs, People. Another favorite. 
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