Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fancy Freebie: Desktop Background

Happy LOVE month everyone! I am kicking off this month with the very first fancy freebie, brought to you by: Mumford and Sons. So, enjoy.

Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five for Friday!


1. So I am in full swing of working from home full time! (Maybe sometime I will write on here about that transition and leap of faith.) I have to say, Its really a dream come true and answer to many many prayers. Big things are happening all of the place, but one thing that still hasn't made the cut is laundry/cleaning. Hmm. #priorities

2. Well, it finally snowed. Of course living in the south, we typically don't get a lot of snow, but with our 'you've-overstayed-your-welcome' houseguest, Mr. Polar Vortex, snow makes it a tiny bit better. I won't lie only takes a few snow days to have me dreaming about spring. So I decided to introduce some new spring inspired prints to the shop

3. Did anyone watch the Bachelor Wedding?! I am an un-ashamed fan and loved every minute of it. I even cried.. a lot. A lot?! Yes! I am a totally sap for anything love related. (Valentines day usually turns me in to a big ball of cheesy-mush.) At one point my husband even looked over at me and did the whole 'touch-my-arm-Are You Ok?-deal'. So glad he gets my crazy. There's always one that does. :)

4. This week I have had the utmost pleasure of styling two really special brands. One is for a close friend and business parter, and the other is for a really special organization who is close to my heart. I can't wait to reveal the details on here in the future! 

5. I got to visit with a long-lost friend on Sunday!! This girl is the epitome of grace and love. I love her friendship so much, and I was so thrilled to be able to spend a while with her catching up while she was 'home'. She is also going to be bringing a new little man into this world in 6 weeks! Definitely having one of those 'I-can't-believe-how-far-we've-come' moments. 

Well since I-am-really-digging-these-right-now, thats what I am going to leave you with. Give Friday a big kiss on the mouth today! and then go over here to see how H54F came about.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Art Prints : Spring Inspired

Hazel Berry Paper Etsy Shop

If you keep up on instagram, you know we had quite the snow yesterday. As much as snow is fun for a little while, until your fingers are frozen, I am majorly itching for spring! So as the snow fell yesterday, I was motivated to make it spring-y in this office! 

Check out the new art prints: spring inspired, for Hazel Berry Paper!

When developing these, I wanted them to be fun phrases that would lighted up any room in your house. And as always, I wanted them to reflect Hazel Berry. Hope you enjoy them! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beauty Trend: OMBRE

Every few months, I get the itch to do something different in the beauty department. Luckily for my husband, small, budget friendly changes usually satisfy me. But this time? I think I may branch out a little more into this 'ombre' trend. 

I don't want anything too crazy, so I have gathered a few photos for some inspiration. I have a fair complexion with dark brown hair, so I am thinking maybe the "Kate Beckinsale' or the 'Sofia Bush' is the way to go. What are your thoughts on this trend… Which is your favorite?

I will update you all on the new 'do' when its done!

P.S. ITS SNOWING HERE, YAY!!!! (finally!)

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