Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gift Wrapping

Let's get gifting, y'all! My favorite time of year is upon us! Besides all the holiday cheer, mass amounts of Starbucks, and twinkly lights, I LOVE the holidays because this season is the perfect excuse to let my love language go wild! I love gifts and gifting! Probably to the point that I find any excuse to buy unnecessary things for people. You know, like when your that special person in your life buys you random things at yard sales because there is a smidgen of a chance you may want it or be able to use it some day. 

Truth be told, that's never really happened to me...except when my mother-in-law bought us a wedding gift at a yard sale, refinished it, and gave it to us last year for Christmas. Y'all it ended up being the epitome of my wine rack dreams. Like World Market, Pier One, rustic glory. She did an amazing job. 

But anyway, you get the point. This year I am challenging my self with less. Less stuff, more love. Less junk, more meaning. So along with that mantra, I also want it to capitalize on something else I am passionate about. 

Pretty packaging!! 

I will say that bursting open a present, wrapped in cheap paper with nothing but a sticky bow, has its perks. It's fun, messy, and swimming in the sea of torn paper always seems to bring so much joy! But I want to give my gift wrap just a little extra love and attention this year. 

I came across these ideas to spruce up you gifts by using all sorts of fun things around you house! So let's take a look-y shall we?

I love the idea of just adding a touch of greenery to each of your gifts. It's free, pretty, and can be thrown away with out cringing because you spent moo-lah on it. We have some really pretty bushes outside our house that would look so lovely on our gifts! I am excited to use this idea.

How fun is this!? Using a photo as a gift tag is genius! You could use a holiday themed photo, or maybe its a snap shot of you and the friend receiving the gift! Endless possibilities. 

Ok, cupcakes are my favorite. Any time I see cute cupcake liners I always snatch them because we all need cute cupcakes in our life! I love that this idea uses cupcake liners and cute a circle out of fun paper, drew an initial, and added some side ribbons. I love tagging presents with initials. Winning Idea!

There is a soft spot in my heart for plaid and flannel, and this bow is such a cute addition to a gift! I know I have a ton of loose fabric from leftover projects, but even if you don't, what about an old t-shirt you don't wear anymore? 

What are some ways you plan to dress up your gifts this year?? I would love to see! Tag us on Instagram and hashtag #HBPGifts so we can see!

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