Thursday, September 12, 2013

High five for Friday!

I needed today's post. This week has been challenging in a lot of crazy ways. So making a point to take a moment and reflect on the High Five worthy moments this week, is just what to doctor ordered! 
I bought my first pair of Bonlook glasses this week. I am probably overly excited about them, but getting to choose an adorable style and paying so much less than I typically do, means its worthy. Worthy! 
I purchased the Dylan. ((Sounds so fancy)) Can't wait to get them! 

Target gift wrap for Hazel Berry packaging??  Uh, yes please. 

I got a pretty awesome opportunity/email reply from Jerika at Everyday bay! We will be doing a collaboration soon.


I made Apple Pie this week for the first time of my life. And.... it was a giddy success! 

I say giddy because I was so full of joy and pride that it turned out really good, and i'm pretty sure my husband was just as excited and surprised. 

Anyway, I got the recipe from This Little Estate Blog. The only change I made was the type of apples she used. I ended up using Braeburn and Golden Delicious. It was so good that I am making another one tonight and will FOR SURE be taking it to the next gathering where my Mother-in-Law is present. 
Always good to keep impressing, eh! 

I didn't get to get anything accomplished this week that I set out do to. Im sure you're thinking.. 
umm we are high fiving about this?? 
.. And no not exactly, but sometimes great things come in oddly wrapped and slightly beated packages. 
 I'm going somewhere good with this...promise.
This week challenged all of my being, but when you are down to nothing, GOD is up to something. And that my friends just made my life. God is good all the time. All the time, God is good. 
Feeling grateful, and Choosing to focus on my blessings. 

Well that was quite the weekend introduction. Let's savor September a little more, Shall we?

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  1. It sounds like you have had a pretty fabulous week! Man I love some homemade pizza. I bet it was DELICIOUS!

  2. I love that quote! And kudos to you for baking an apple pie! I can't say I've ever done the same =) haha. Stopping by from H54F, hope you enjoy your weekend!


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