Thursday, October 3, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Here is a recap of my week!

pretty please

Hazel Berry Paper is officially on Facebook. Like everything I set out to do these days, it took alot longer than it probably should have, but HEY... Done is better than perfect right? OR in the words of Lara Casey... sometimes DONE is PERFECT. So if you are a reader, friend, family member, or a plant please go like it by clicking "pretty please" up above. 

Get this now.

I received my DAY DESIGNER for signing up for my AHINSPRED SESSIONS! I have to say... the price tag on this puppy is not exactly something I was excited about when I first heard of it, but once I got it in the mail ( it came with my inspired session package! ) I realize how valuable it truly is. Just filling out the first few worksheets made my vision a little clearer in how I can accomplish the goals I have set out to reach. Well done, Whitney English. Well done.


Yes, I am spoiling the surprise with this post, BUT I think its worth sharing the concept. So I did. Booyah.
"For every Hazel Berry Paper order I give a free little gift. Shipping out a meal planner last week inspired me to add a little personal touch! Yep, you guys are spotting some lovely new recipes cards with my holiday apple pie recipe to start! It's sooo delicious, and my husband, the dessert connoisseur, says its incredible! I feel inspired to relish the opportunities to add a heartfelt touch to each and every product that leaves my doorstep. Hopefully, my new friend likes it. :)"

I know I have posted about this already this week so go here to read up on these, and go here to get a closer look! 

Art print by Mulberry Press Co.
Sera, of Mulberry Press Co., is such a sweet soul that I discovered through Instagram! I love her creativity and her heartfelt, yet witty products. When I spotted this print by her, I gasped in such excitement because that is a prayer I have prayed many times recently. Thank you Sera for your genuine heart and for this print! I also ordered another item that I just couldn't resist.. but I will share that at a later date. One of my special friends might be receiving it and believe it or not, I don't won't to ruin the surprise! 

This week has been productive. So cheers to that! Time to enjoy the weekend and spend some much needed quality time with my husband! 

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  1. This is so cute! I am looking into your products to possible go along with out Christmas card :)

    1. How lovely! Thank you for thinking of HBP! If you have an awesome idea in mind, I would love to create a custom order for you. There will be more products up within the next few weeks!


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