Thursday, October 10, 2013

Color Crush: PLUM

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Jewel tones never get old. There is something about this shade of purple that just feel so rich and sophisticated. It will never feel out dated to me. Maybe thats because when paired with gold, it makes you feel like you could rule the world. And that NEVER goes out of style.
Just saying. 

I was disappointed to have empty links from numbers 4 & 6. If anyone knows the source of these gorgeous photos, please comment below to give them credit for their work. 

Ps.. Am I the only person who didn't know Coach sold rings?? This one is another fav! 


  1. I love this jewel tone!! I dont really have anything in this color yet but i need to! Great choices!

  2. Plum is such a beautiful color, yet I only own a nail polish in that color. Definitely need to add more of it to my closet. Love your picks!


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