Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Mantra

Monday's are tough. I am never glad they are here, but let's face it. Monday's come without fail. 
(and sometimes with a big spoonful o' fail. ok, negativity over.)

 I don't know about you but its time we celebrate Monday's just like we would a new season, or a new beginning. Because thats what they are. 

A fresh start. A new day. A clean slate.

Monday's get a bad wrap, but really they are really kind of beautiful. So to help out my fellow Monday haters, I am starting Monday Mantra. 
Motivating/inspiring/encouraging/or maybe just funny words, that are going to help us enjoy our Mondays. 

To kick it off, Ralph Waldo Emerson has something he'd like to say. 
Now you can carry on with your day, because God has something great in store for you. Don't miss it.


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