Thursday, November 7, 2013

High Five for Friday & FLASH SALE!!!

1. Did you all enter the Everyday bay blog giveaway?? If you have then I am virtually high giving you right now. If you haven't then go here and get on it! Giveaway ends on Monday, the 11th! So hurry while you still can!!

2. Yesterday I had my follow up call with Amber Housley! She's such a peach! I loved getting to meet her and our conversation ended on such a good note. I hope to keep in touch! 

3. TODAY the first Gift Guide Everything Emily is launching! 
I LOVE gift guides. I am always putting too much energy into finding the right gift for people, when really they usually love and appreciate any gift at all. Well usually ha! 
So to have some great ideas complied and placed infront of me on a silver platter that is Emily's blog, I'll take it! Check it out! She will be categorizing them by women, men and kids! So check back as the holidays are getting closer. You might even find something cuties from Hazel Berry Paper on there :) 


4. Ok, y'all. Let's just put this into perspective. I don't win anything. Like ever. 

(Ok, maybe thats a small lie. One time at a Bridal Show I won $50 dollars in a drawing. Which is crazy, but I loved it.)

So when I got tagged in a tweet that had my name and winner in the same sentence, I almost fell over. Katie, the author of An Inspired Life book, was so sweet and sent it to me right away! Thanks, Katie!  Can't wait to start it! 

5. I'm gonna encourage you sweet things to pop on over to my etsy shop because there is something BIG happening. FLASH SALE ANYONE!??!?


 Starts FRIDAY-MONDAY at Midnight!
All flash sale orders will ship up to 48 hours after the sale is over. Use code: NOVFLASHSALE at checkout.50% off
This brings them as low as 6.50 + tax & shipping. I no lie. This DOES include all art prints currently in the shop (including the ones with personalization!).This DOESN'T include custom orders.

Ready, Set, GO! 

Link up with H54F here.

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  1. How cute are those yellow antler pants! Adorable!


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