Thursday, November 14, 2013

Habits // New Products!

Have you ever read the 'Encouragement for Today' posts on 

I frequent on these daily devos. They are quick, meaningful and often so dead-on and relatable with my life in that moment. They are a great mid-day pick-me-up too!!

So about a month ago, I read this devo by Nicki Koziarz  titled "Habits of a woman who doesn't give up." It touched my heart in so many ways. It made me feel so grateful for the positive examples people have set for me, and even gave me a little self confidence boost, that even when I am tired, burnt out, and feel like I have nothing left to give, I can still do it. Giving up is one of those things that crosses my mind daily, but I just can't seem to do it. God's grace saves me every time! 

Each point is so encouraging in its own way. So, I have designed a collection of Art Prints inspired by the 5 points in this message.  The points are as follows..

"Here are five habits I've discovered which characterize a woman who doesn't give up:
1. She gets up each morning and follows through with her commitments, despite how she feels.
2. She approaches the Word of God with reverence.
3. She longs for the grace of refinement rather than the grace of relief.
4. She chooses to invest in the world with joy.
5. She has a spirit of unbreakable determination.
What about you? What has God called you to do? Start by adopting one habit today and commit your work to the Lord.
Lord, thank You for filling me with purpose, faith and determination. Help me continue to do the work You've given me. Amen." (by Nicki Koziarz)
Read the full devo here

So that was a super long introduction, BUT totally necessary because Nicki's post inspired these prints that I am OH SO PROUD to show you! So without further ado…

Hazel Berry Paper
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
Do you need a little encouragement in your daily routine? What is your favorite phrase or verse that motivates you? Which print do you relate with the most? I would love to hear it! 

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  1. Once again great prints!


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