Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Better Me - Monthly with HB

Monthly with HB

From time to time, I get really down on myself. I start to dwell on comparing myself to others or gauge my success by how many tasks I checked off on my list.. which isn't always a lot. So I really try to do something to better myself, whether its once a month, every few months, or a time or two a week. The world is just a better place when us women are happy, am I right? I designed these printables to fit a lifestyle of my own. Busy, busy and more busy. So incorporating something that would assist me in making me feel better about myself was completely necessary. 
If you read my last post, you know about Monthly with HB. If you missed it, they click the link to read more about the purpose and how it can be used in your day-to-day. Inside of the Monthly with HB package of printables, each month you will receive a surprise printable that encourages you to be the best version of yourself. I like to call it "A Better Me" printable. April's ABM is all about out with the clutter and in with the clean fresh slate that we all need around this time of year. Broken down by room,  each task will help you gain that new start. 
I know what you are thinking.."cleaning..really? that doesn't sound like a good time." Take it from me the anti-cleaning housewife, it can be fun… which is why I decided to break it down and give you a sneak peek of the rules sheet for Spring Cleaning. 

Follow these steps:

Have some fun with it, and most importantly, don't forget to celebrate! Pre-order your April printables HERE


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