Thursday, April 17, 2014

High Five for Friday!

It's been a hot minute since I posted last, so I thought I would stop in and fill you in on what has been going on lately.

1. SNEAK PEAK to May's Monthly with HB printables. I am so excited to release them on the 25th!

2. There is nothing about this magazine that doesn't make my heart sing. I always said, if I had to change careers, I would have tried floral design, event planning, or interior decorating…. ALL of which are burying with color on the cover of this magazine. 

love hangover from a day with these two.
3. I know that I am biased because this little girl is my niece, but COME ON. She is the most beautiful child. And she likes aunt jill's LEOPARD sunglasses… after my own heart that little one. 

4. I get so motivated to get my office all clean and gorgeous when I see instagram's of creative work spaces, but let's be honest. This is reality… and I kinda like it that way. 

5. My husband has been off work all week, which not only is a huge help with the puppy during the day, but it is just SO STINKIN NICE to have him as my in home lunch date (he even makes my lunch!). I love that he is a teacher and gets so much time off. I've really been enjoying our time together this week, and have worked my tushy off to get my work done, so I can spend more time with him. So my mantra for this week… "do what matters, forget the rest."

Also, BIG NEWS! MY BIRTHDAY IS MONDAY!! YAY! You can expect a post all about the number 25.

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