Monday, April 21, 2014

It's my birthday!!!

25 facts for 25 years

It's really hard to believe I am 25. I think I feel that way every birthday, but especially this one. 25 just feels like real adulthood. A while back in a conversation with my husband I said, " I don't feel like Its time for me to be 25!" His response was, "Honey, I'm afraid it is." Dunnnn Dunnnn duuuuuuun.
I just always viewed people who were 25 as put together, established, and have their life together. I guess some view me as that way, but 'put together' is not how I feel most of the time. In fact, currently my sink is full, I am a day late on paying a bill and I might have just shed a (single) dramatic tear over a stumped toe. Will I ever feel put together? Who knows! 

Here are 25 facts about this not-so-perfect 25 year old. 

1. Froyo all day, everyday. (Menchies style)

2. I have a thing for pretty doors and taking pictures of them.

3. I am a serial DIY quitter.

4. Change excites me.

5. I have buyers remorse after anything over $30 that is just for me and not a need.

6. I love photography and calligraphy, but think it's best left to the pros. 

7. I have severe headaches if I don't drink coffee in the am.

8. My love languages are all of the love languages, and my husband is an over achiever at all of them.

9. I married my high school sweetheart.

10. Slow dancing with my husband is my happy place.

11. I want to start an organization of some sort, but God just hasn't given me the details yet. 

12. 3 months ago I quit my secure, super cool, job to follow a very scary but rewarding path God set for me.

13. I believe that being transparent about struggles, faith and fears empowers you.

14. Any home decor item I buy has to fit in every room before I bring it home. 

15. I rearrange decor from room to room on a monthly basis. 

16. I gloat about a good dentist appt. (never had a cavity, or braces.. SEEE there I go again.) 

17. Healthy eating is important to me.. But Taco Bell has a special place in my heart.

18. I am obsessed with Popsicles.

19. My husband for me a Valentine's Day card that had Snoopy on it and I cried... Not in a good way.

20. I cry ...alot apparently. 

21. On my honeymoon in got egged, I broke my toe and my husband lost his London.

22. I could watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. over an over and never get tired of it. 

23. I refuse to pay for perfume over $20. 

24. I don't have a favorite flower, but tulips are pretty great.

25. Monograms are my jam.

Enjoy your day... I know I will!

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